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The First Exam an Internationally Qualified Dentist has to pass in order to practice in Canada is Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Exam conducted by National Dental Examination Board of Canada. Prometric test centres will take this 6 hours long exam with 30 min break. It is not only passing afk exam with a score of 75, but also actually achieving a higher score so that chances to get in to the universities for qualifying programs would be bright. Afk Exams are held twice in an academic year with multiple choice questions to judge clinical application capabilities of the candidate. To find out about our AFK preparation course click here.Also check our afk practice questions for better preparation of the assessment of fundamental knowledge exam.

The Assessment of Clinical Judgement Exam is the exam one can take after passing AFK Exam. Over the period of time this exam has become quite difficult one. Not only theoretical knowledge, but clinical experience also matters to pass this exam. The exam is case based which can have single correct answer or more then one correct answer in a multiple choice question format. ACJ Exam is written assessment exam consist of three books and your clinical knowledge. To find out about our ACJ preparation course click here.Also check our acj practice questions for better preparation of the Assessment of Clinical Judgement exam.

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INBDE is being conducted by JCNDE USA and it replaces the NBDE Parts I and II. This exam assists dental boards in determining the qualifications of individuals who seek licensure to practice dentistry. The content of the exam is from the biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences. To find out about our INBDE preparation course click here.

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